Lock your text away in our deepest darkest dungeons. https://textdungeon.io/
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Project being rebuilt as a SPA using Spring: https://git.planetrenox.com/textdungeon

Designed with simplicity in mind, TextDungeon is an open source project which lets people store any amount of text for personal safe-keeping with only a name and password.

All plain-text is encrypted using AES-GCM-256 with the help of BCrypt. Everything is properly salted using a secure random algorithm.

What makes TextDungeon.io somewhat unique is the lack of ANY JavaScript or even Cookies.

It also goes without saying that no meta-data or personal user information is ever logged. (This includes your IP address, browser fingerprint, operating system, password hash, etc.)

In the case of any questions or suggestions please send an email to planetrenox@pm.me