Communicate undetected in plain sight using zero width obfuscation.
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  1. #### Explanation
  2. Some sites and services restrict some zero width characters so saving the zero width may be an issue. To get around this, certain limited algorithms have been created which avoid using the restricted characters.
  4. #### List
  5. **Version 1.2** is the current default algorithm. It supports Cyrillic characters (exp. русский) & Hiragana (exp. ひらがな), and is signed with the version number so it can be **automatically** detected and de-obfuscated on the screen.
  6. **Limited proT** *is compatible with* — ProtonMail
  7. **Limited twiT** *is compatible with* — Twitter - YouTube Comments - - stackoverflow
  8. **Limited winT** *is compatible with* — Windows .txt Files
  10. ###### The limited algorithms only obfuscate plain english letters and spaces.